Smoke Extract

Smoke extraction is the evacuation from a building of products of combustion, such as smoke and toxic gases, which could otherwise reduce visibility and impair human functions. This facilitates the escape of the building occupants and assists fire fighters in locating the seat of the fire and extinguishing it.

In situations where smoke clearance by natural ventilation through windows or other openings may be difficult (e.g. in large or deep basements or in high rise buildings without windows that can be opened) ductwork is required to conduct the smoke to a suitable outlet from the building. In cases where the natural buoyancy of the combustion products is not adequate to ensure the required smoke extraction rate through the ductwork, fan assisted systems are used. It may also be necessary to install ducted air inlets as part of the smoke extraction scheme, in order to provide the replacement air.

If the ductwork incorporated in a smoke extraction system is wholly contained within the fire compartment, it must at least be capable of resisting the anticipated smoke temperatures generated during the development of a fire. These will generally be lower than the temperatures specified in EN 1366, which are intended to represent a fully developed fire. However, if the ductwork penetrates a fire resisting barrier, it must also be capable of providing the relevant fire resistance in a test to the relevant part of EN 1366.


EN 13501-4
Fire classifcation of construction products and building elements. Classifcation using data from fire resistance tests on components of smoke control systems.


EN 1366-9
Fire resistance tests for service installations. Single compartment smoke extraction ducts.


EN 12101-7
Smoke and heat control systems. Smoke duct sections.


The system is a part of a smoke and fire protect system and is designed to reach the following targets:
Extract smoke for 2 hours during the fire
Reduce temperatures during the fire
Create a non-smoke layer for the safe evacuation of people
Ensuring firefighters intervention


This system has been certified together with hangers,flanges, sealing material and compensators (please see datasheet Annex A). All the components shall be used in the same way they were used during the tests. No substitution of any components of the system is possible.

Declaration of performance

The system is CE marked with the declaration of performance Rectangular smoke control system; single compartment.
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